Energy Test – How To Divorce And Be Happy With Your Ex

Get the keys that assist millions with opening the way to an energizing, enthusiastic life and furthermore rise above regular stuff of separation in Part 1 features of my radio discussion for A Lasting Love with Janet Bray Attwood.

Janet is the NY Times Bestselling Co-Author of The Passion Test – Discovering the Effortless Path To Your Destiny. She’s aided huge number of individuals observe the simple, invigorating way to the existence you love.

Hadley: Passion is the  love test way in to your predetermination. How about we assist with peopling who need much more love and fervor throughout everyday life. We should assist individuals with going from where you are currently to where you need to be, arriving at your pinnacle of enthusiasm, delight and execution throughout everyday life and love.

At the point when you set out on any new excursion, you want another guide to direct you. Your new guide is The Passion Test. It’s aided huge number of individuals track down the easy way to an energizing, fun, satisfying fate. Janet, let us know how you were directed to track down an easy way to your own fate during an early outing to India.

Janet: It directed me to one of my ways, which was to talk with aces from everywhere the world. In The Passion Test, we say that when you’re clear with regards to what you decide to appear in your life, it will- – and just to the degree that you’re clear. That was something I got truly really clear on, on the grounds that it was an extraordinary love of mine, as I went to India more than five times.

Hadley: Aren’t you in India now?

Janet: Right currently, I’m in Germany with Chris Atwood, my co-creator of The Passion Test. He’s likewise my ex, my closest companion and my colleague. I’m remaining his better half, his significant other’s mom and their two little girls. I’m their god mother.

Hadley: It’s unprecedented how you and Chris could go through a separation, and you end up as adoring, amicable colleagues, as back up parent to your previous spouse’s youngsters and a companion to his better half. How could you get that going?