What Sets It Apart From Other Smartphones?

You may have already heard of the name OnePlus. It’s the brainchild of Keynote, a company that makes extremely affordable smartphones. But what’s really unique about this company? If you look past the smartphone design that’s often associated with a manufacturer of high end electronics, you’ll find that the company has something more up its sleeve. The company that brought us OxygenOS, the operating system for Android smartphones, wants to make another run at creating unique smartphones that are not only stylish and well made, but packed with power.

History. As a young company that started making oneplus nord low-cost smartphones that were loaded with software, OxygenOS had a big idea: getting into the smartphone market while it was still considered a niche product. With the success of its first two devices, it was clear that the company was onto something big. Then the smartphone market in India was in a rut. There wasn’t a brand out there that had the right kind of momentum to take the market by storm, and companies like O2 were getting an increased amount of market share that they didn’t need. The company knew it needed to do something radical if it wanted to continue dominating the smartphone space.

The Solution. While O2 had revolutionized the industry, OnePlus wanted to do something more. After considering investing in RIM’s BlackBerry Play or Nokia’s Finn&uria line, the idea came to the decision to get into India and build an Indian manufacturer’s reputation on the back of its flagship smartphone – the one that had launched OxygenOS. The result is a unique smartphone that answers the age-old question of how a smartphone can be both user-friendly and high-performance at the same time.

The Design While the company has gone out of its way to make sure that OxygenOS meets every user’s needs in terms of a user-friendly interface and high performance, the design of the handset does not match the standards set by other Android phones. The handsets are not rectangular and are not meant to be a powerhouse on the phonebench. They do, however, convey a sense of class and quality that we won’t find on many other smartphone makers. This gives the oneplus nord one greater edge over its peers, and lets it maintain its status as one of the most stylish and popular mid-tier phones available in the market today.

The Right Accessories Oneplus does not skimp on the extras that come with its smartphone. A neat, plastic trays that double as a stand for the microSD card are one of the best features that the company has integrated into the handset. Also, the oneplus nord gets a nice collection of protective cases in both standard and premium quality. Users may not appreciate the addition of Bluetooth earpieces or an MMS receiver, but these things can easily be bought in one of the many official OxygenOS app stores available on the internet.

The Conclusion OxygenOS smartphones run on a foundation of solid technology that combines high performance with an appealing design. It offers a range of features beyond its contemporaries that sets it apart from other Android phones, and is probably the best Android handset available today. The oneplus nord is different from many of its competitors simply because it combines elegant looks with cutting edge functions. The lack of cheap plastics used in its body make it a much more expensive device than many others, and it manages to keep the same level of quality throughout. With its unique blend of innovative functions and cutting edge design, it’s easy to see why this handset is one of the most popular choices in the market.